136: We Stand Corrected

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

In this episode of “Let’s Talk About Treks,” we are joined by Star Trek writer Christopher Derrick. We dive deep into Christopher’s work, specifically focusing on the episodes “Hide and Seek” and “Impostors” from Season 2 and Season 3 of Picard. We explore the emotional impact of these episodes and Christopher’s contributions as a writer. Throughout our conversation, we address the challenges of reintroducing the character Ro Laren and the intricate process of creating these episodes.

Additionally, we discuss the complexities of writing during a pandemic and collaborating with different partners. One intriguing topic we touch upon is the decision to include scenes featuring all the new generation cast members together in the same room, drawing parallels to the original Star Wars trilogy’s missed opportunity to bring Han, Luke, and Leia together onscreen. We also delve into the process of building the Enterprise set from scratch and the excitement of watching it come to life.

We also explore the collaborative writing process for the show, emphasizing the significance of continuity and the delicate balance between nostalgia and fresh storytelling. Derrick’s work on “The Equalizer” is also discussed, highlighting the changes in the writing staff and the experiences that come with it.

Keeping up with Derrick’s personal projects, you can find regular updates on Instagram, and he maintains a presence on Twitter and Threads.

Navigating through social media can be a double-edged sword, as we recount instances where comments were misinterpreted, leading to backlash. The prevalence of online vitriol can be disheartening. However, we believe in curating a positive experience by blocking and muting individuals who bring negativity into our lives.

Speaking of Star Trek, Derrick expresses his overwhelming gratitude for the impact his work has had on the fans. The third season of the show has received immense support and positive feedback, and he is humbled to contribute to Star Trek’s message of hope.

All of the above was written by AI, but I liked it, so I thought it could stay. Thanks for listening to the show; we really really appreciate you, and wish you and yours a peaceful, joyous and cozy Christmakwanakkuhstivus.

Thank you once again for listening, and we look forward to catching you in our next episode!

Chapters, as created by AI

0:00:03 Christopher Derrick’s Disinterest in Let’s Talk About Tracks
0:00:20 Introductions and Welcome to Let’s Talk About Treks
0:02:12 Klingon Tear Ducts: A Half-Klingon’s Leaking Eye
0:07:41 Terry Metallus’ desire to have the Next Gen cast together
0:12:21 Relationship with Star Trek before joining the show
0:15:49 Watching Michelle Forbes’ arc for character research
0:17:48 Discussing the possibility of a character’s death
0:18:43 Terry’s Concerns and Distinguishing from Star Wars
0:28:40 The process of writing for the original Star Trek series.
0:37:39 Preparing for “The Equalizer” and changes in the show
0:43:33 The collaborative process and working with showrunners
0:48:19 Bringing Battlestar Galactica Elements into Star Trek Picard
0:52:27 Exploring Mental Illness and Embracing Humanity
0:55:52 Recruited by the CIA and Turning it Down
1:01:09 Strange Circumstances and Getting into Filmmaking
1:03:46 Connecting with “Sirens” Essay: Finding Solace and Connection
1:04:27 Reflecting on past experiences and writing about them
1:07:59 Introducing “Quiet Quitting” – An Espionage Drama
1:09:07 Director’s Trick: Communicating Ideas to the Crew
1:11:26 The Challenges of Directing on Set
1:17:05 Excitement for the New Comic Book Podcast


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