105: Kahs-wan Qui’lari

[SNW201] An enormous #LetsTalkAboutTreks welcome back to #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds for season two as jaQ` & Earl steal the Enterprise with some friends. Fun and away team missions abound! Come visit with Gallifrey and meet up with Tom Collins for this special SNW Season Two opener. Spoiler alert, we mostly kinda liked it.

In addition to a pair of visitors, we have a couple of new segments, one featuring the overview of a cocktail recipe inspired by this episode of Strange New Worlds, crafted with love by our new friend, The Scorch: https://twitter.com/thescorch1701?s=11&t=CfCkj4ew8XSUfjXf_pA-oA

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This week’s episode is brought to you by our patrons Grayson and Unplanned Trek, in conjunction with Anodyne Relay.

Enjoy the show!


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