Strange New Worlds

  • 115: Visceral Savagery

    [SNWS2] The actors and writers of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds brought this past season to life, and we love every blessed frame. Their work is unparalleled in modern television, […]

  • 113: Like Baseball

    [SNW209] … musicals are like baseball. Support SAG-AFTRA and the WGA. Background and segment musics during this episode may include RedCaio’s, VioDance’s, Maynard Ferguson’s, and Captain Meatshield’s covers of the […]

  • 112: It’s Complicated

    [SNW208] The actors and writers of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds conspired to create a masterpiece: season two, epsiode eight, Under the Cloak of War, and it is their hard […]

  • 111: Four Times as Better

    [SNW207] Today’s podcast episode honors the vast talents of the actors portraying the characters of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and highlights the breathtaking talents of the writers and visual […]

  • 110: A Human Mechanic

    [SNW206] This podcast stands with the incredible artists who worked with excellence to craft Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, season two, episode six, “Lost in Translation”. We stand in awe […]

  • 109: Such Jerks

    [SNW205] This podcast covers the mind blowing art and redoubtable talents of a group of writers and actors whose work is unparalled in modern television. We craft this show not […]

  • 108: Spocktegas

    [SNW204] jaQ` & Earl are back again, this time reviewing Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season two episode four whilst Among the Lotus Eaters — but don’t worry, we didn’t […]

  • 107: Curzon Odo Was a Tuvix

    [SNW203] Strange New Worlds continues it’s second season, and jaQ` & Earl are here to walk with you through it. There are also poll results from last week and our […]

  • 106: *do not congratulate

    [SNW202] jaQ and Earl, back on the scene, cover Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season two, episode two, Ad Astra Per Aspera, reveal the poll results from The Broken Circle, […]

  • 105: Kahs-wan Qui’lari

    [SNW201] An enormous #LetsTalkAboutTreks welcome back to #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds for season two as jaQ` & Earl steal the Enterprise with some friends. Fun and away team missions abound! Come visit with […]

  • 55: To Everything …

    [SNWS1] Strange New Worlds has just completed a majestic first season, and we can’t wait to see what new life and new civilizations Pike & Co. seek out in season […]

  • 54: Pressure Point Pike

    [SNW010] This week we’re joyfully rounding out a beautiful first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds with our review of the season finale, The Quality of Mercy. It’s the […]

  • 53: The Most Pungent of the Cheese

    [SNW109] We present to your the most pungent of our cheese during JaQ and Earl’s review of the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘s first season, All Those […]

  • 52: Star Treklexia

    [SNW108] Journey with JaQ and Earl to the Kingdom of Elysia, where Benny Russell tomes prophetic about today’s best visions of the future. This time out, we’re on Star Trek: […]

  • 51: Lying Emotional Deebags

    [SNW107] This week, Jaq and Earl rejoice at the reincorporation of the entirety of technically canon Star Trek as we cover Strange New Worlds season one, episode seven, The Serene […]

  • 50: Dreams Deferred

    [SNW106] This week Jaq n’ Earl cover Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season one episode six, Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach. It’s a tough episode, and here you get […]

  • 49: Not Like Humans Can

    [SNW105] This week JaQ & Earl give us their far paltrier version of the body swap, perhaps less effective than visually presented in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season one, […]

  • 48: Get Fond

    [SNW104] Celebrate this Memorial Day by watching the Memorial Day episode of #StrangeNewWorlds and listening to our follow up review, released just in time for Memorial Day, 2022! This week, […]

  • 47: Plasmanoids

    [SNW103] This week join us on a journey to Illyria, where quips fly freely among the crew of the starship Enterprise. It’s a quick one, but we have poll results […]

  • 46: Star Trek: Arbiters of Life

    [SNW 102] Results from last week’s polls! As ordained, JaQ n’ Earl present their review of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, season one, episode two, Children of the Comet. Also, […]

  • 44: Strange New Format

    [SNW 101] #StrangeNewWorlds is here! This week finds JaQ and Earl encountering the strange new world of the exciting new series Strange New Worlds by delving into the premiere episode, […]