116: Hide and Book

[DSC407] This time out, Earl and jaQ` have dipped into the 32nd Century, this time focusing on Star Trek: Discovery season four, episode seven, … but to connect. There is a lot of examination of AI and it’s purpose and meaning in the world, how to recover from trauma, and for some reason, a comparative chat involving Zora and … Wesley Crusher?

The writers and actors of this prestige television series make the show what it is, and they should be fairly compensated for what is clearly their very hard work and dedication to delivering entertainment with more quality than fluff and useless drama.

Background and segment musics during this episode may include RedCaio’s, VioDance’s, Maynard Ferguson’s, and Captain Meatshield’s covers of the Star Trek/Strange New Worlds themesongs, as well as the SNW End Credits theme, by Jeff Russo and a snippet of the Discovery theme, also by the awesome Jeff Russo.


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