• 158: Sautéed Croutons

    [DSC507] Closing in on the final pair of episodes of <b><i>Star Trek: Discovery</b></i>, jaQ` & Earl discuss season five episode seven, <i>Erigah</i>. We have a bit of fun with the […]

  • 157: The Skeletor Approach

    [DSC506] Earl Grey and jaQ` Darino discuss Star Trek: Discovery season five, episode six, Whistlespeak, exploring ethics, character arcs, spirituality, society, as they dually dream about what’s next in the […]

  • 156: Erica

    [DSC505] Earl introduces jaQ` to his friend Erigah, who has launched a b-b-b-blood b-b-b-bounty at the Darino family write large. Herein we cover Star Trek: Discover season five episode five, […]

  • 155: Here, the Strange

    [DSC504] jaQ` & Earl Face the Strange and inconsistently go for the obvious throughout their excited prattling on about Star Trek: Discovery season five, episode four, which carries the ever […]

  • 154: Symbiontocracy

    [DSC503] This is where the story of the season seems to begin for jaQ` & Earl; a pattern finalized. Please enjoy our newest entry and fill that gap before the […]

  • 153: Postulary Proposal

    [DSC502] jaQ` & Earl reach the tapering point of the wild opening ride of Star Trek: Discovery season five, with their coverage of episode two, Under the Twin Moons. Let […]

  • 152: Chasmotic Fold

    [DSC501] This week, jaQ` and Earl welcome the starship Discovery back into their lives for one last wild ride throughout the galaxy, Red Angel style … only with a directive […]

  • Tilted Mother

    137: Hyperbeing

    [DSC413] jaQ` & Earl reach the end of Star Trek: Discovery season four, with episode 13, Coming Home. Come home with us! 🖖🏾 0:04:04 Starbase Jenga0:10:38 The Enigmatic 10-C0:13:09 T’Rina’s […]

  • 135: Neither Of Us Can Say “Licorice”

    [DSC412] jaQ` & Earl demonstrate the veracity of this title during their slide through Star Trek: Discovery season four episode twelve, Species Ten-C. Enjoy the episode 🖖🏾 LTAT135: Neither Of […]

  • 134: Pregrets

    [DSC411] This episode, jaQ` and Earl discuss Star Trek: Discovery season four episode eleven, Rosetta. We’re homing in on the final couple of episodes, and we can’t be more excited […]

  • 131: Captain Michael Stubbornham

    [DSC409] jaQ` & Earl report live from the 32nd Century in the aftermath of Star Trek: Discovery season four episode nine, Rubicon. Enjoy the show!

  • 117: Episodic Episodes

    [DSC408] This week is our last foray into the year 3190 as jaQ’ and Earl cover Star Trek: Discovery season four, episode eight, All In, before we dive into season […]

  • 116: Hide and Book

    [DSC407] This time out, Earl and jaQ` have dipped into the 32nd Century, this time focusing on Star Trek: Discovery season four, episode seven, … but to connect. There is […]

  • 104: Spore Drive Hopscotch

    [STD406] Earl runs the show this episode, spore driving us through Star Trek: Discovery season four episode six, “Stormy Weather”. Herein we delve into the varied and ranging emotional depth […]

  • 103: Yadda Yadda Yadda Whatever Let’s Go

    [STD405] The anticipation builds as jaQ` & Earl, blasting from the past, meander through Star Trek: Discovery season four episode five, The Examples. Join us for one last sporified jump […]

  • 102: She Is A Starfleet

    [STD404] Earl walks jaQ` through the multitude of plotlines running through Star Trek: Discovery season four episode four, All is Possible, and together they map out the many concurrent careers […]

  • 101: Schrödinger’s Vulcan

    [STD403] Join jaQ` and Earl in the 32nd Century for another adventure aboard the USS Discovery with Star Trek: Discovery season four, episode three, Choose to Live. It’s a sprawling […]

  • 100: The Mole

    [DSC402] This episode blasts to the future past with jaQ’ & Earl’s conversation on Star Trek: Discovery season four, episode two, Anomaly. The theme this episode seems to be grief […]

  • Michael Burnham

    99: Saru’s Powerpoint

    [DSC401] / [STD401] jaQ` & Earl revisit their original recording from closer to the time of release of the fourth season opener of Star Trek: Discovery, Kobayashi Maru. We’ve bookended […]

  • 87: The Gallifrey Conclusion

    [DSC313b] We spent a great deal of time last episode focusing on the meat of the Discovery season three finale’s story, so this episode we round out with a little […]

  • 86: 🎵 We Came From Outer Space …

    [DSC313] Part One of Two jaQ’ and Earl are finally rounding out this home stretch of Star Trek: Discovery season three. There’s much talk of holos, praise for the cgi […]

  • 85: The Frenetic One

    [DSC312] We cover some of the episode, and discuss many unrelated things. This episode was recorded while we were in quarantine, and you may be able to tell how stir […]

  • 84: Everybody’s Nightcrawler

    [DSC311] How does warp drive actually work? How do naming conventions work across the face of The Federation? Why all the cat voice work? Why is Risa covered in post-it […]

  • 83: The Opposite of a Hole

    [DSC310] This episode jaQ’ and Earl journey into the mirror with Star Trek: Discovery season three episode ten, Terra Firma, Part Two. We run through some thoughts about Trelane, the […]

  • 82: The Carl Dispatch

    [DSC309] This week LTAT goes back in time to early 2021, when a younger, more innocent and even more unpolished pair of podcasters called jaQ` Darino & Earl Grey, recorded […]

  • 81: The Gallifrey Interruption

    **Warning** If you listen with children present, please start this podcast about eight minutes in. It gets wild right up front. We apologize; listen with caution. [DSC308] This episode finds […]

  • 78: Ni’Variation

    [DSC307] Earl is still conducting his away mission, so we’ve gone back to the trunkful of past reviews we have yet to release, and take it back to Star Trek: […]

  • 59: Uvulantennae and The Black Lion

    [DSC306] This episode finds JaQ and Earl in the 32nd Century, reviewing the sixth episode of Star Trek: Discovery season three episode six, Scavengers. A meandering path clumsily takes us […]

  • 58: Badmirals, Crack and Dandelions

    [DISCO 305] This episode, join JaQ and Earl for a spirited, peppy review of Star Trek: Discovery season three, episode five, Forget Me Not. We ramble through the idea that […]

  • 57: Howard the Dax

    [DSC304] Back to the 32nd century, JaQ and Earl continue their reviews of Star Trek: Discovery with their coverage of Forget Me Not, the fourth episode of season three. There’s […]

  • 43: DASH Drive

    [DSC 303] This entry finds JaQ and Earl awash in age-old questions: why isn’t it called a DASH drive, who is the Little Bird of the Galaxy, and how did […]

  • 42: Zora, Zareh, O’sir, Osyyra and Saru

    [DSC 302] This week we drop the simulwatch project and return to our regularly scheduled rambling about all things Star Trek. This week finds JaQ and Earl Far From Home, […]

  • 41: Everything is Microbeads – The Simulwatch

    [DSC 301] This episode is a bit of an experiment for us. We’re doing what we call a “simulwatch,” wherin our buddy Earl will give you a countdown to press […]

  • 38: Twinnin’ ‘Em

    Earl and JaQ have reached the end of season two, and invite you to the discussion of Star Trek Discovery season two, episode fourteen, Such Sweet Sorrow, part two. Let […]

  • 34: Wall-E?

    This episode, we’re discussing the upcoming brightest vision of a future already in utopia as heralded in Star Trek: Discovery season two episode 13, Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 1. Let […]

  • 33: The Big Fish Guy With The Eyes

    Yeah though we endeavour to be snarky with our intros, we shall simply state that JaQ n’ Earl have got a lot to say about Star Trek: Discovery season two […]

  • 31: She Ain’t No Maid

    JaQ and Earl spend a good chunk of time trying to figure out what the title means, but mostly we’re on about substance in this, our review of Star Trek […]

  • 30: Wrinkle Headed Worf Klingons

    JaQ and Earl have a thik tome of an episode for you this time. Covering Star Trek: Discovery season two episode ten, The Red Angel sees us bouncing across the […]

  • 29: Normal Linear Time

    Deep Space Nine fans won’t want to miss this one. Keep filling out your bingo card as JaQ and Earl review Star Trek: Discovery, season one, episode nine, Project Daedalus. […]

  • 27: Memories Pro Quo

    Oh, that corner of our minds. Today, JaQ and Earl focus on Star Trek: Discovery, season two, episode eight, If Memory Serves. We’re all about dealing in memories, quarantining unaligned […]

  • 25: Wibbly-Wobbly

    This episode, JaQ and Earl blast us back over to Star Trek Discovery and their review of season two, episode seven, Light and Shadows. Time travel, you say? We’re all […]

  • 23: Naked and Digigrade

    JaQ and Earl have chosen to mash up seasons. We know; it’s confusing. This episode sees the guys watching Star Trek: Discovery Season Two Episode Six, The Sound of Thunder. […]

  • 19: Varuminous

    This episode, Jack and Earl give a light touch to Star Trek: Discovery Season Two Episode Four, but neglect to answer a couple of important questions. Three, actually. Join us […]

  • 18. Star Trek: Bricks

    Earl’s Dad has a story, and it lands like a well placed pun. Join Jack and Earl as they discuss Star Trek: Discovery Season One Episode Three: Point of Light. […]

  • 17b. Inertial Dampener Drive

    Star Trek: Discovery, Season Two, Episode Two had a little bit more to squeeze out of it, so Jack n’ Earl grabbed the mics again to tell you all about […]

  • 21: The Saucers Section

    This week, Jack and Earl develop a new pluralistic understanding of the design of the starship USS Discovery, NCC-1031, rag on Saru’s bird-nest chest and generally fawn over Star Trek: […]

  • 17a: The Vicious Humanity

    We’re late. We’re super late. Some technical difficulties delayed the production of this episode, so although this one’s coming out a week late, we’re already on the ball with new […]

  • 16: Infinite Holography

    [STD201] Jack and Earl have stumbled into the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. They may have broken down with the Enterprise and jumped back over to the Discovery, ready […]

  • 15: Hershel Wooten

    Here we bid a farewell to both a fond friend and a first season. JaQ and Earl cover the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery, Season One, and Jaq takes […]

  • 14: Transpeshual

    Jack and Earl have come to play! They’re playing Star Trek Discovery, Season One, Episode 14, The War Without, The War Within. Then, they’re having a bit of a chat […]

  • 13: Scream Theory

    In covering Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 1, Episode 13, JaQ and Earl get to the root of that strangely familiar Lorca scream, and teach us a little bit about this […]

  • 12: The Religiously Insensitive Version

    This episode finds us describing a metaphor of Star Trek as religion, and it gets very, well, meta. If you don’t enjoy tongue-in-cheek summations of religious texts, we suggest maybe […]

  • 11: Word Salad

    [STD111] In this week’s feature-length episode, JaQ n’ Earl span a huge swath of the galaxy in their discussion while creating portmanteaus, puzzling through minor Star Trek mysteries, and otherwise […]

  • 10: Sucked, or Blown?

    [STD110] Riker: You were right. Somebody blew the hatch. They were all sucked out into space.Data: Correction, sir, that’s blown out.Riker: Thank you, Data.Data: A common mistake, sir. Revisit treks […]

  • 9: Nanoscopic

    [STD109] This episode finds JaQ n’ Earl waxing philosophic about several topics related to the Star Trek: Discovery Season One Episode Into the Forest I Go. The 9th episode of […]

  • 8: Preemptive Headcanon

    [STD108] There were *what* happening, Jack? Figure it out yourself, as we tangentially review Star Trek Discovery: Season One, Episode 8: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. You can find us […]

  • 7: Earls to Make the Sanest Man Go Grey

    Listen as Jack and Earl discuss Star Trek Discovery, Season One, Episode 7: Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad. Listen as Jack and Earl discuss Star Trek Discovery, […]

  • 6: Devancement

    This episode finds Jack and Earl back aboard the hollowed-out husk of the Enterprise-D, crashed on the surface of Veridian III, making a history review for the masses of the […]

  • 5: Rise of the Interstitials

    Hey guys!  Thanks so much for listening.  We have an admission to make here: we lost half of the audio for this episode.  Instead of holding up production of the […]

  • 4: Latinum for Tribbles

    Hey guys!  Here’s an episode that’s not quite done yet; we have to go back and add the mailbag, but we enjoyed it immensely, so we thought you’d also enjoy […]

  • 3: Tuvok’s Durag

    Honestly, we’re not even sure what we’re talking about here.  Join Jaq’ and Earl as they ostensibly review Star Trek: Discovery, Season One, Episode Three: Context is for Kings. You […]

  • 2: My Neck Hurts and You Owe Me a Massage

    Into the thick of things, join Jaq’ and Earl as they bandy about their views, opinions, head canons and associated fandoms.  This episode treks through Star Trek Discovery: Season One, […]

  • 1: Can’t Set a Course Without a Star Trek

    Here we go, non-binaries, ladies and gentlemen: the first true episode of Let’s Talk About Treks!  Maybe start with this episode, because Star Trek is vastly more exciting than the […]