81: The Gallifrey Interruption

**Warning** If you listen with children present, please start this podcast about eight minutes in. It gets wild right up front. We apologize; listen with caution.

[DSC308] This episode finds jaQ and Earl in the 31st or 32nd Century; they’re N’iVar sure which. It’s an older recording, presented for your listening pleasure during this gap week of new episodes of Star Trek, and we’re still heavily carrying the theme of recording from the crashed saucer section of the Enterprise-D. You’ll hear references thereto throughout. Also referenced, which we haven’t touched on in a while, is the Disco Bingo game we began building right from the start of the podcast! You can pick the game back up here, and during the upcoming no-new-Trek-this-week weeks, we’ll continue building your cards and the game.

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