120: Death and Dismemberment

[LDS403] With Earl Grey undergoing a complicated and vital Away Mission, jaQ Darino is joined by the one and only Bryan Cain, host of the On This Stardate podcast, to meander around Star Trek: Lower Decks's season four, episode three, In the Cradle of Vexilon, which includes a sampling of The Scorch's latest Lower Decks themed cocktail, the Benchpress Paradise with jaQ and special guest Gallifrey.

Background and segment musics during this episode may include RedCaio’s, VioDance’s, Maynard Ferguson’s, and Captain Meatshield’s covers of the Star Trek/Strange New Worlds themesongs, as well as the SNW End Credits theme, by Jeff Russo and definitely includes a clip of Sarah Vaughn performing “I’ve Got the World on a String”.


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