Lower Decks

  • 130: Star Trek: Mariner

    [LDSS04] jaQ` and Earl offer reflections on Star Trek: Lower Decks season four, and imagine a way forward, with the deepest sense of gratitude to Izaak and Andrew of Unplaaanned […]

  • 128: Who Are You?

    [LDS410] Lower Decks completes their fourth season of adventures across the Alpha Quadrant, and jaQ` and Earl are here to usher you in to the impending Star Trek desert. Never […]

  • 127: Humanly Human

    [LDS409] Earl talks with jaQ’. Gallifrey visits. Star Trek: Lower Decks, season four, episode nine, The Inner Fight. Flanked by RedCaio’s Strange New Worlds theme for piano, David Kaylor performs, […]

  • 126: A Lot of Exes and a Lot of Holes

    [LDS408] Caves, caves, caves! In this episode, jaQ` & Earl cover Star Trek Lower Decks season four, episode eight, Caves. Background and segment musics during this episode may include RedCaio’s, VioDance’s, Maynard Ferguson’s, […]

  • T'ana's Sickbay Slammer Recipe provided by TheScorch1701

    125: #notallcomputers

    [LDS407] Peanut Hamper is redeemed and jaQ` and Earl are here to dish all about it! This episode covers Star Trek: Lower Decks season four, episode seven, A Few Badgeys […]

  • 124: Comically Badmiral

    [LDS406] This week, the House of Darino returns to full glory as jaQ` & Earl cover Star Trek: Lower Decks, season four episode six, Parth Ferengi’s Heart Place, and recurring […]

  • 123: Larping Logan’s Run

    [LDS405] Completing the Unplaaanned set, jaQ` Darino is joined by Andrew Hogan of Unplaaanned Trek, and the pair venture on a walkabout of Star Trek: Lower Decks season four, episode […]

  • 122: His Name is Whaaaat?!

    [LDS404] Earl Grey makes an unscheduled appearance via subspace radio in this episode, wherein jaQ` Darino is joined by the rudder of It’s Got Star Trek, Patrick Irelan, for an […]

  • 120: Death and Dismemberment

    [LDS403] With Earl Grey undergoing a complicated and vital Away Mission, jaQ Darino is joined by the one and only Bryan Cain, host of the On This Stardate podcast, to […]

  • 119: Menaginarium Aquarium

    [LDS402] This week, Friend of the Pod Grayson joins jaQ` Darino in exploring the world of Moopsy for Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s season four, episode two, I Have No Bones […]

  • 118: Unplaaanned Fam!

    [LDS401] Lower Decks is back! Earl Grey is not (yet). Listen in as the entire Unplanned Two-Minute family joins us to try and fill Earl’s shoes while he begins a […]

  • 69: Unplaaanned Decks

    [LDS310] Ending a wondrous third season of Star Trek: Lower Decks, jaQ’ and Earl take a journey to fend off the insidious machinations of the starship Aledo and Admiral Buenamigo’s […]

  • 68: Temporal Cold War Shenanigans

    [LDS309] Earl and jaQ’ cover Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s penultimate episode for season three, Trusted Sources. This may be our longest episode yet (all apologies), weighing in at just over […]

  • 67: The Koala Smiles On Us All

    [LDS308] This week finds jaQ’ and Earl enjoying the movie Boimler has written — and the movie written by The Ether. We did our best to hit all the touchstones […]

  • 66: Rawdog

    [LDS307] jaQ’ and Earl would like to commend everyone involved in Star Trek: Lower Decks season three, episode seven, A Mathematically Perfect Redemption, for letting their freak flag fly. Join […]

  • 65: Mesks vs BDE

    [LDS306] **Boimler Dabo Energy [BDE]** This week JaQ’ & Earl introduce you to BDE during the majestic and heartfilling return to space station Deep Space Nine in Star Trek: Lower […]

  • 64: Otherford

    [LDS305] This week, we’re following Otherford around as he makes trouble on the USS Cerritos, and back up Bold Boimler and Starfleet against the civilian factions of non-believers in season […]

  • 63: Keep On Puppin’!

    [LDS304] JaQ and Earl are kind of on fire this episode. There are several explorations of concepts in Star Trek like PTSD and relationships between the emotionally overavailable and the […]

  • 62: Clingon Klowns from Outer Space

    [LDS303] This week finds JaQ n’ Earl Mining the Mind’s Mines for their discussion of Star Trek: Lower Decks season three, episode three. We get to meet our second Zaldan, […]

  • 61: A Klingon Challenge

    [LDS302] Lower Decks is back in a brand new way! Listen in as JaQ n’ Earl plat the celebrated Star Trek: TNG VHS Board Game! Just kidding; we’re reviewing Star […]

  • 60: Upside-Down Starbases

    [LSD301] This is Star Trek: Lower Decks and the opening of a new season. JaQ and Earl dive into the premiere episode of season three, Grounded, and make a few […]