124: Comically Badmiral

[LDS406] This week, the House of Darino returns to full glory as jaQ` & Earl cover Star Trek: Lower Decks, season four episode six, Parth Ferengi’s Heart Place, and recurring special guest Gallifrey joins jaQ` to sample The Scorch‘s latest Lower Decks themed cocktail, Rutherford’s Rum Bucket.

Background and segment musics during this episode may include RedCaio’s, VioDance’s, Maynard Ferguson’s, and Captain Meatshield’s covers of the Star Trek/Strange New Worlds themesongs, as well as the SNW End Credits theme, by Jeff Russo, a snippet of Nicki Minaj’s Megatron, and finally, David Kaylor performs a spirit lifting Trek medley in the midst of our weekly cocktail party.


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