125: #notallcomputers

[LDS407] Peanut Hamper is redeemed and jaQ` and Earl are here to dish all about it! This episode covers Star Trek: Lower Decks season four, episode seven, A Few Badgeys More.

Background and segment musics during this episode may include RedCaio’sVioDance’sMaynard Ferguson’s, and Captain Meatshield’s covers of the Star Trek/Strange New Worlds theme songs, as well as the SNW End Credits theme, by Jeff Russo, and definitely includes “Indian Trap” by Nver Avetyan from Pixabay, the Star Trek Enterprise Mirror Universe theme by Dennis McCarthy and finally, David Kaylor performs a bit of his spirit lifting Trek medley in the midst of our weekly cocktail party featuring LTAT Regular Guest Star Gallifrey!

T'ana's Sickbay Slammer Recipe provided by TheScorch1701

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