141: Some People

[PIC106] Is Soji less perfect than Lore? Is that a ridiculous question? If so, and you’ve enjoyed this sample, we’re certain you’ll enjoy jaQ` & Earl’s wandering trail through Romthings, Non’nonymous addicts and a few name games they found in Star Trek: Picard season one episode six, The Impossible Box.

Also, the metaphor is obvious, crass and clumsily handled. We apologize. We intend no objectification.

We also like this AI generated summary: We talk about artificial gravity, Romulan true names, and the inconsistencies of mushroom effects. The conversation also covers Narek’s spy mission, medical details, and the Romulan Reclamation Project. We touch on childhood, character intentions, and upcoming episodes. We discuss the Borg Queen, hierarchy, and the hypothetical absence of the Borg. The episode wraps up with a mention of an advertiser and our commitment to maintaining integrity in advertising.


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