• 151: Arthur C. Clucke

    [PIC205] April 15 2024 approaches … and whilst Picard and Company gear up for the confrontation to save the galaxy, jaQ’ & Earl walk through the perils of the day. […]

  • 150: Who Yih Aah

    [PIC204] This one is just plain silly, if you can get past the thinky-think parts. This was an episode of Star Trek: Picard, and jaQ` & Earl reviewed it. Find […]

  • 149: UAP in the UFP

    [PIC203] Join us as we Let’s Talk About Treks into the third episode of the second season of Star Trek Picard, Ass Immolation, wherein Picard and crew (which includes the […]

  • 148: Picard Is The Problem

    [PIC202] Earl Grey and jaQ’ Darino are back, this time with a detailed analysis of Star Trek Picard, season 2, episode 2 Penance. Picard’s enigmatically Q-orchestrated journey perplexes your hosts […]

  • 147: Green Andorian

    [PIC201] The dreaded Picard season two has arrived .. and we kind of like it. Join jaQ` & Earl in their analysis of Star Trek: Picard season two episode one, […]

  • 146: Danglia

    [PICS01] Join us on this episode of Let’s Talk About Treks as Earl Grey and Jack Darino review the first season of <b>Star Trek Picard</b>. We explore themes as well […]

  • 145: Narek’s Eleven

    [PIC110] jaQ` and Earl reach the end of Star Trek: Picard season one, with the finale, episode ten, Et In Arcadia Ego, part two, exploring character dynamics, plot twists, and […]

  • 144: I Swear I Saw Them Vibrating

    [PIC109] jaQ and Earl have made it to the final episode of Star Trek: Picard season one. Herein lies their coverage of the season’s penultimate episode, Et In Arcadia Ego […]

  • 143: Seven Am A Borgs

    [PIC108] jaQ` & Earl happily cover Star Trek Picard season one, episode eight, Broken Pieces. There’s hardly any discussion at all of Seven, but we do explore the theme of […]

  • 142: Dahj is the Q

    [PIC107] This episode features jaQ` & Earl’s persnickity perspectives on Star Trek: Picard season one episode seven, Nepenthe. We discuss RomuloVulcan biology, metaphors and the device of identity. Or the […]

  • 141: Some People

    [PIC106] Is Soji less perfect than Lore? Is that a ridiculous question? If so, and you’ve enjoyed this sample, we’re certain you’ll enjoy jaQ` & Earl’s wandering trail through Romthings, […]

  • 140: Sometimes They Never Get Hard

    [PIC105] Herein jaQ` & Earl cover Star Trek: Picard season one episode five, Stardust City Rag, with Romulan diaspora groups, the fall of Rome, and some fun costumes. Let’s get […]

  • 139: Didn’t You See the Sign?

    [PIC104] jaQ and Earl are continue the inaugural season of Star Trek: Picard with their joyful coverage of season one, episode four Absolute Candor. Herein we make a concerted effort […]

  • 138: Holoface

    [PIC103] Join us back in 2399, when the transporters took time and the ships stayed mostly in one piece, as jaQ` & Earl take a trip through The End is […]

  • 98: Geordi, Jean-Luc & Jesus

    [subtitle] How God gave jaQ` his Dad back through Picard jaQ & Earl are back for a brief wrap-up of the final season of Star Trek: Picard. We touch on […]

  • 97: A Series of Perfect Moments

    [PS310] This episode, jaQ’ finally finds his way to “fixing a thing” and Earl Grey sweeps the stage with a whirlwind world record of fixes. Join us as we touch […]

  • 96: These Go To Eleven 🖖🏾

    [PS309 / PIC309] It is with great trepidation and substantial agony that jaQ` & Earl present to you, with a bittersweet tone, our review of the penultimate episode of the […]

  • 95: It Doesn’t Matter

    [PS308 / PIC308] With two more episodes to go before the end of Star Trek: Picard, jaQ & Earl are here to give you their all … just like Vadic: […]

  • 94: Symphony of Destruction

    [PS307 / PIC307] jaQ& Earl are back again with their take on Star Trek: Picard season three episode seven, Dominion. Interesting that we never actually see The Dominion or any […]

  • 93: Captain Picard Crunch

    [PS306 / PIC306] This week we’re breaking into Daystrom, and the whole band’s just about back together! Join jaQ` and Earl as they slalom through the extreme circumstances that brought […]

  • 92: Carl the Romulan

    [PS305] Who doesn’t love Star Trek: Picard season three??? It’s wonderous, it’s full of heart, action, has a great plot, and jaQ’ and Earl can barely stop raving about the […]

  • 91: Aggressive Sandwich

    [PS304] “No Win Scenario” was thoroughly enjoyed by jaQ’ & Earl and we hope you were enthralled by it also. Delve into the changeling adventure aboard the USS Titan and […]

  • 90: Self Sealing Salt Shaker

    [PS303 / PIC303] Dude, what? jaQ and Earl are shocked by the return of The Federation’s goopiest enemy, and enthralled by the Beverly/Jean-Luc scenes and rolling in the aisles over […]

  • 89: Sucks to Your Esmar

    [PIC302] / [PS302] Everyone’s favorite Worf has finally returned! Join jaQ` and Earl as they celebrate the return of the big guy, and welcome to the fam-fam of Jack Crusher. […]

  • 88: Bat’leth Ships

    [PIC301] It’s HERE!!! We can’t be more excited about this new season of Star Trek: The Previous Generation. We pore through a lot of this episode, and we reintroduce a […]

  • 45: James Bonding

    [PIC 102] Listen in as JaQ and Earl consult Maps and Legends the second episode of the first season of Star Trek: Picard. There is a lot to unpack here, […]

  • 39: Plantation Life

    It is our pleasure to present to you our conversation on Star Trek: Picard season one, episode one, Remembrance. During this episode we dive a little bit into Theory of […]