151: Arthur C. Clucke

[PIC205] April 15 2024 approaches … and whilst Picard and Company gear up for the confrontation to save the galaxy, jaQ’ & Earl walk through the perils of the day.

Enjoy this, the newest entry in the LTAT pantheon, wherein we cover Star Trek: Picard, season two episode five, Fly Me To The Moon. We love you, we’re glad you’re listening, and we’re making sure to give you just a little last squeeze of pseudo-quality content while you eagerly await the next adventure in the 31st Century (we’ve got the synopsis at the end).

As always, please let us know what you think of the show: tell us what you like — what you don’t like, and importantly, what can make it better! You can find us on twitter as @TreksTalkers and you can email us at email@letstalkabouttreks.com — but most importantly, always remember: The Koala Smiles On Us All.


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