92: Carl the Romulan

[PS305] Who doesn’t love Star Trek: Picard season three??? It’s wonderous, it’s full of heart, action, has a great plot, and jaQ’ and Earl can barely stop raving about the amazing work Terry Matalas has done. We did cut this down from its original four hours to bring you the sweetest two hours of the LTAT juice, and hope it brings some joy to your commute!

Although we’ve asked before, if you could give us a rating or review, that would be awesome. You can also find us on Twitter as @TrekStalkers, you can drop us a line at email@letstalkabouttreks.com or you can leave us a voice message at (202) 569 – TREK, and it’ll likely be featured during the show.

Many thanks to all who voted in our polls on Twitter; it really enhances the show for us!


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