88: Bat’leth Ships

[PIC301] It’s HERE!!! We can’t be more excited about this new season of Star Trek: The Previous Generation. We pore through a lot of this episode, and we reintroduce a bit of audience interaction a la our Star Trek: Strange New Worlds style of poddingcast. You’ll find our polls on Twitter, retweeted by @TreksTalkers, originally posted by our producer, @AstralArgonaut.

We hope you enjoy this episode; we’ve got our own easter eggs now and we hope it’s increased the quality and fun of the show!

By the way, the guy in the end credits is lying: our phone number is +1 202 569 TREK (8735), and we hope you’ll use it to drop us a text or a voicemail about this episode. Additionally, you can tweet us at, as mentioned above @TrekStalkers, or email us at email@letstalkabouttreks.com


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