148: Picard Is The Problem

[PIC202] Earl Grey and jaQ’ Darino are back, this time with a detailed analysis of Star Trek Picard, season 2, episode 2 Penance. Picard’s enigmatically Q-orchestrated journey perplexes your hosts as they explore nuances like the absence of the opening ship flyby and how Ferengi skulls are made. We hit that confederation/federation conversation you knew was coming, and try to figure out what Eular’s law has to do with anything.

That other franschise rears its head for a moment as we flit through costumes and set dressings, and there is of course a little bit of Borg convo in here, just before we touch on vital connections to the splinter universe of the post-DS9-pre-Picard novel series, keeping plot points, character motivations, and universe changes in mind before Earl hits us with an incredible 1-2 comedy punch. Yes that was one sentence.

Thanks for listening; we hope you enjoy it!

Music used for Earl Grey’s “Theories” segment is sampled from “Titanium” by AlisiaBeats, on Pixabay.

Also included as a background is Non, je ne regrette rien, performed by Edith Piaf.

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