147: Green Andorian

[PIC201] The dreaded Picard season two has arrived .. and we kind of like it. Join jaQ` & Earl in their analysis of Star Trek: Picard season two episode one, Penance. We hope you enjoy the ride.

As always, we dip into the symbolism within the show’s themes and visuals while analyzing Picard’s relationship with his past, his connection to the stars, and the mysterious Romulan subtexts from last season. We start out with a light touch on the new theme music and speculate the potential directions the season may take in the intricacies of this Star Trek installment.

The parallels between Picard and Seven help us explore their experiences with the fulfillment of traversing the galaxy. We get into designations, configurations and combinations, in both starships and holograms with a firm and loving highlight on the significance of seeing “what’s out there”.

This episode’s knowledge nugget covers the theory and history of Hawking radiation.

The discussion treads the trodden ground of replicated versus homemade, Andorian hair colors, and the intricacies of intimate relationships and character dynamics. We discuss the complexities of dating colleagues at work and the challenges of maintaining boundaries between professional and personal relationships.

Freshening the perspective and intent of some comment from LTAT#146, we explore telepathic societies and the concept of shared knowledge and intentions, as well as highlighting out new understanding of the floorplan of Picard’s Chateau during Admiral Sally Whitley’s treatise to Picard regarding The Message — the summons.

The discussion ranges (quite wildly) through Borg technology, the complexities of assimilation, Species 8472 weaknesses, the Borg Queen, both from the season and the previous, Borg technology, alternate universes, timelines, Q, the Borg Queen’s power needs, and the ramifications of altering timelines.

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