74: Uncomfortable Hamster

[PRO115] jaQ’ and Earl have been watching and gleaning, and invite you to listen in on our musings about what exactly is going on with Star Trek Prodigy as we walk through season one, episode fifteen, Masquerade. The intensity has deepened and the twists are coming with just about every episode. We’re not flummoxed, and we have something to tell you about Chakotay. Well actually what we believe about Dal, in relation to Chakotay, so to speak.

In this episode, we feature part of the incredible piano rendition of the Star Trek: Prodigy theme by RedCaio, whom you can find on both Patreon and YouTube doing piano covers of all kinds. We also introduce our new spot for the podcast Weird Darkness, which features Darren Marlar and a mixed bag of engaging stories.

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