• 80: Supernovae

    [PRO120] jaQ` and Earl drop their walk through of the season finale of the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy! We pace our way through the episode, falling on discussions […]

  • 79: #NotAllAugments

    [PRO119] jaQ’ and Earl are back in the Prodigy era, and have just come upon the Supernova rounding out the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy. This episode walks us […]

  • 77: Is That Three Phasers in Your Pocket?

    [PRO118] Earl’s off visiting a Federation scientist relative in the Neutral Zone, but don’t tell anyone and blow his cover. Izaak, BFF of the Pod, who also produces Unplaaanned Trek, […]

  • 76: Glittersmeech

    [PRO117] jaQ’ and Earl surprise themselves with so very much to say about Star Trek: Prodigy episode seventeen, Ghost in the Machine. There has always been a lot of fun […]

  • 75: The Don’t Help Unwanted Ad

    [PRO116] jaQ’ and Earl have theories flowing right out of the consoles this episode. There’s so much story and so many stories packed into Star Trek: Prodigy season one, episode […]

  • 74: Uncomfortable Hamster

    [PRO115] jaQ’ and Earl have been watching and gleaning, and invite you to listen in on our musings about what exactly is going on with Star Trek Prodigy as we […]

  • 73: Stripsleam Phaserlanche

    [PRO114] Star Trek: Prodigy season one, episode fourteen has brought us yet another appearance of Captain Thadiun Okona, portrayed a mere 34 years hence by the redoubtable Billy Campbell. This […]

  • 72: A Prophecy of Policy

    [PRO113] jaQ’ and Earl meander through Star Trek: Prodigy season one, episode thirteen, better known as All the World’s A Stage, and on their path they cross through not only […]

  • 71: Hide & Seek Assimilation

    [PRO112] We’re still not sure about what number episode this is, but we’re certain that Star Trek: Prodigy is picking up and becoming one of the most compelling and layered […]

  • 70: Pairing Off

    [PRO010] This episode, jaQ’ and Earl seek Asylum, covering the mid-season first season opener of Star Trek: Prodigy. There are discussions of Star Trek royalty, the deftness of Aaron Waltke, […]

  • 40: Kaijus for Kids

    It’s the mid-season finale of Star Trek: Prodigy (insert flourish) and JaQ and Earl are here for it! A Moral Star, part two provides a journey worthy of a good […]

  • 37: Let Them Drink Coffee

    JaQ and Earl have reached the final arc of the first half of Star Trek: Prodigy! It’s season one, episode nine .. or eight? Listen in as JaQ and Earl […]

  • 36: Chakotay Was The Hologram

    This episode, we cover Star Trek Prodigy, season one, episode eight, Time Amok, making special note of the similarities between this and a shattering episode of Voyager. Let us know […]

  • 35: Acquiring the Rules

    Star Trek Prodigy, season one, episode seven, First Con-tact provides ample material for JaQ n’ Earl’s discussion of the lessons learned and boundaries crossed. We hope you enjoy the show! […]

  • 32: Who Is Big Red?

    It’s a question that spans the ages, and JaQ and Earl are proud to have dug deep to pose this innocent query during their review of Star Trek Prodigy season […]

  • 28: Technokinesis

    Welcome Back and Happy Thanksgiving! Our offering for you this time is JaQ n’ Earl’s conversation on Star Trek: Prodigy season one, episode five, Terror Firma. They have fun with […]

  • 26: Hypostulations

    This episode sees JaQ and Earl dreaming about a planet that tries to eat the crew of the USS Protostar. It’s Star Trek: Prodigy, Season One, Episode Four: Dreamcatcher. Let […]

  • 24: Invisible Touch

    Star Trek: Prodigy continues to enthrall, and JaQ and Earl continue to pore over the details of story, ship and crew. This episode finds them Starstruck, episode three of the […]

  • 22: TrekWars: The Amalgam Universe

    JaQ and Earl are all about Star Trek: Prodigy, and it shows as they cover a plethora of aspects from this brand new offering from Kurtzman and Company. Watch along […]