75: The Don’t Help Unwanted Ad

[PRO116] jaQ’ and Earl have theories flowing right out of the consoles this episode. There’s so much story and so many stories packed into Star Trek: Prodigy season one, episode sixteen, Preludes that they can hardly figure out where to include everything. Preludes seems to provide two questions for every question answered.

We’ve also included one Chopin prelude (in numbered order) to accompany us beneath each of the protostories, and felt the need to recall RedCaio’s perfect Prodigy piano piece as well as a snippet of a night at the disco, and even a little flourish from Paramount Proper.

  • Our alternate titles for this episode were:
  • “Solumnite Solumn Knights”
  • “The Story of 0”
  • “Formibidible”
  • “The Definer”
  • “Newnok”
  • “Suggestering” and lastly,
  • “A Suspiciously Small Ship”

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