77: Is That Three Phasers in Your Pocket?

[PRO118] Earl’s off visiting a Federation scientist relative in the Neutral Zone, but don’t tell anyone and blow his cover. Izaak, BFF of the Pod, who also produces Unplaaanned Trek, joins jaQ’ Darino this episode to cover the Mindwalk that is Star Trek: Prodigy, season one, episode 18!

There are a few off-course slipstreams in this episode, including some detours through Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Discovery, and importantly we finally get up the gumption to ask Worf, “Hey is that three phasers in your pocket, or …”

Join us for some fun and very un-T’Pring hijinks for this special episode of the podcast. Earl will be back with us next week, but we hope you’ll accept and enjoy our friend “Ned Ula” in his second appearance on LTAT!

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