Author: Jack & Earl

  • 158: Sautéed Croutons

    [DSC507] Closing in on the final pair of episodes of <b><i>Star Trek: Discovery</b></i>, jaQ` & Earl discuss season five episode seven, <i>Erigah</i>. We have a bit of fun with the […]

  • 157: The Skeletor Approach

    [DSC506] Earl Grey and jaQ` Darino discuss Star Trek: Discovery season five, episode six, Whistlespeak, exploring ethics, character arcs, spirituality, society, as they dually dream about what’s next in the […]

  • 156: Erica

    [DSC505] Earl introduces jaQ` to his friend Erigah, who has launched a b-b-b-blood b-b-b-bounty at the Darino family write large. Herein we cover Star Trek: Discover season five episode five, […]

  • 155: Here, the Strange

    [DSC504] jaQ` & Earl Face the Strange and inconsistently go for the obvious throughout their excited prattling on about Star Trek: Discovery season five, episode four, which carries the ever […]

  • 154: Symbiontocracy

    [DSC503] This is where the story of the season seems to begin for jaQ` & Earl; a pattern finalized. Please enjoy our newest entry and fill that gap before the […]

  • 153: Postulary Proposal

    [DSC502] jaQ` & Earl reach the tapering point of the wild opening ride of Star Trek: Discovery season five, with their coverage of episode two, Under the Twin Moons. Let […]

  • 152: Chasmotic Fold

    [DSC501] This week, jaQ` and Earl welcome the starship Discovery back into their lives for one last wild ride throughout the galaxy, Red Angel style … only with a directive […]

  • 151: Arthur C. Clucke

    [PIC205] April 15 2024 approaches … and whilst Picard and Company gear up for the confrontation to save the galaxy, jaQ’ & Earl walk through the perils of the day. […]

  • 150: Who Yih Aah

    [PIC204] This one is just plain silly, if you can get past the thinky-think parts. This was an episode of Star Trek: Picard, and jaQ` & Earl reviewed it. Find […]

  • 149: UAP in the UFP

    [PIC203] Join us as we Let’s Talk About Treks into the third episode of the second season of Star Trek Picard, Ass Immolation, wherein Picard and crew (which includes the […]

  • 148: Picard Is The Problem

    [PIC202] Earl Grey and jaQ’ Darino are back, this time with a detailed analysis of Star Trek Picard, season 2, episode 2 Penance. Picard’s enigmatically Q-orchestrated journey perplexes your hosts […]

  • 147: Green Andorian

    [PIC201] The dreaded Picard season two has arrived .. and we kind of like it. Join jaQ` & Earl in their analysis of Star Trek: Picard season two episode one, […]

  • 146: Danglia

    [PICS01] Join us on this episode of Let’s Talk About Treks as Earl Grey and Jack Darino review the first season of <b>Star Trek Picard</b>. We explore themes as well […]

  • 145: Narek’s Eleven

    [PIC110] jaQ` and Earl reach the end of Star Trek: Picard season one, with the finale, episode ten, Et In Arcadia Ego, part two, exploring character dynamics, plot twists, and […]

  • 144: I Swear I Saw Them Vibrating

    [PIC109] jaQ and Earl have made it to the final episode of Star Trek: Picard season one. Herein lies their coverage of the season’s penultimate episode, Et In Arcadia Ego […]

  • 143: Seven Am A Borgs

    [PIC108] jaQ` & Earl happily cover Star Trek Picard season one, episode eight, Broken Pieces. There’s hardly any discussion at all of Seven, but we do explore the theme of […]

  • 142: Dahj is the Q

    [PIC107] This episode features jaQ` & Earl’s persnickity perspectives on Star Trek: Picard season one episode seven, Nepenthe. We discuss RomuloVulcan biology, metaphors and the device of identity. Or the […]

  • 141: Some People

    [PIC106] Is Soji less perfect than Lore? Is that a ridiculous question? If so, and you’ve enjoyed this sample, we’re certain you’ll enjoy jaQ` & Earl’s wandering trail through Romthings, […]

  • 140: Sometimes They Never Get Hard

    [PIC105] Herein jaQ` & Earl cover Star Trek: Picard season one episode five, Stardust City Rag, with Romulan diaspora groups, the fall of Rome, and some fun costumes. Let’s get […]

  • 139: Didn’t You See the Sign?

    [PIC104] jaQ and Earl are continue the inaugural season of Star Trek: Picard with their joyful coverage of season one, episode four Absolute Candor. Herein we make a concerted effort […]

  • 138: Holoface

    [PIC103] Join us back in 2399, when the transporters took time and the ships stayed mostly in one piece, as jaQ` & Earl take a trip through The End is […]

  • Tilted Mother

    137: Hyperbeing

    [DSC413] jaQ` & Earl reach the end of Star Trek: Discovery season four, with episode 13, Coming Home. Come home with us! 🖖🏾 0:04:04 Starbase Jenga0:10:38 The Enigmatic 10-C0:13:09 T’Rina’s […]

  • 136: We Stand Corrected

    Merry Christmas, Everyone! In this episode of “Let’s Talk About Treks,” we are joined by Star Trek writer Christopher Derrick. We dive deep into Christopher’s work, specifically focusing on the […]

  • 135: Neither Of Us Can Say “Licorice”

    [DSC412] jaQ` & Earl demonstrate the veracity of this title during their slide through Star Trek: Discovery season four episode twelve, Species Ten-C. Enjoy the episode 🖖🏾 LTAT135: Neither Of […]

  • 134: Pregrets

    [DSC411] This episode, jaQ` and Earl discuss Star Trek: Discovery season four episode eleven, Rosetta. We’re homing in on the final couple of episodes, and we can’t be more excited […]

  • 133: Captain Funny Face

    [STS02] We rummaged around and came across this ancient recording. You may notice this episode lacks our more recent sound upgrades — but the ideas are quite our typical style, […]

  • 132: More Better Parts

    [DSC410] Earl Grey and jaQ` Darino drink a little boba tea! It’s Star Trek: Discovery season four, episode ten, The Galactic Barrier.

  • 131: Captain Michael Stubbornham

    [DSC409] jaQ` & Earl report live from the 32nd Century in the aftermath of Star Trek: Discovery season four episode nine, Rubicon. Enjoy the show!

  • 130: Star Trek: Mariner

    [LDSS04] jaQ` and Earl offer reflections on Star Trek: Lower Decks season four, and imagine a way forward, with the deepest sense of gratitude to Izaak and Andrew of Unplaaanned […]

  • 129: [Segment 31] Star Trek Adventures

    [Star Trek Adventures] Enjoy episode four of our Patreon show, Segment 31, free, here, now!

  • 128: Who Are You?

    [LDS410] Lower Decks completes their fourth season of adventures across the Alpha Quadrant, and jaQ` and Earl are here to usher you in to the impending Star Trek desert. Never […]

  • 127: Humanly Human

    [LDS409] Earl talks with jaQ’. Gallifrey visits. Star Trek: Lower Decks, season four, episode nine, The Inner Fight. Flanked by RedCaio’s Strange New Worlds theme for piano, David Kaylor performs, […]

  • 126: A Lot of Exes and a Lot of Holes

    [LDS408] Caves, caves, caves! In this episode, jaQ` & Earl cover Star Trek Lower Decks season four, episode eight, Caves. Background and segment musics during this episode may include RedCaio’s, VioDance’s, Maynard Ferguson’s, […]

  • T'ana's Sickbay Slammer Recipe provided by TheScorch1701

    125: #notallcomputers

    [LDS407] Peanut Hamper is redeemed and jaQ` and Earl are here to dish all about it! This episode covers Star Trek: Lower Decks season four, episode seven, A Few Badgeys […]

  • 124: Comically Badmiral

    [LDS406] This week, the House of Darino returns to full glory as jaQ` & Earl cover Star Trek: Lower Decks, season four episode six, Parth Ferengi’s Heart Place, and recurring […]

  • 123: Larping Logan’s Run

    [LDS405] Completing the Unplaaanned set, jaQ` Darino is joined by Andrew Hogan of Unplaaanned Trek, and the pair venture on a walkabout of Star Trek: Lower Decks season four, episode […]

  • 122: His Name is Whaaaat?!

    [LDS404] Earl Grey makes an unscheduled appearance via subspace radio in this episode, wherein jaQ` Darino is joined by the rudder of It’s Got Star Trek, Patrick Irelan, for an […]

  • 121: Continued Cain Conversation

    The well of discussion with Bryan Cain of On This Stardate ranneth over, so here is an extension thereof, presenting the remainder. Enjoy!

  • 120: Death and Dismemberment

    [LDS403] With Earl Grey undergoing a complicated and vital Away Mission, jaQ Darino is joined by the one and only Bryan Cain, host of the On This Stardate podcast, to […]

  • 119: Menaginarium Aquarium

    [LDS402] This week, Friend of the Pod Grayson joins jaQ` Darino in exploring the world of Moopsy for Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s season four, episode two, I Have No Bones […]

  • 118: Unplaaanned Fam!

    [LDS401] Lower Decks is back! Earl Grey is not (yet). Listen in as the entire Unplanned Two-Minute family joins us to try and fill Earl’s shoes while he begins a […]

  • 117: Episodic Episodes

    [DSC408] This week is our last foray into the year 3190 as jaQ’ and Earl cover Star Trek: Discovery season four, episode eight, All In, before we dive into season […]

  • 116: Hide and Book

    [DSC407] This time out, Earl and jaQ` have dipped into the 32nd Century, this time focusing on Star Trek: Discovery season four, episode seven, … but to connect. There is […]

  • 115: Visceral Savagery

    [SNWS2] The actors and writers of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds brought this past season to life, and we love every blessed frame. Their work is unparalleled in modern television, […]

  • 114: Time is Keep on Moving Forward

    [SNW210] The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season two finale, Hegemony, caps of a string of ten strong episodes and sublime writing paired with veteran level acting. It is these […]

  • 113: Like Baseball

    [SNW209] … musicals are like baseball. Support SAG-AFTRA and the WGA. Background and segment musics during this episode may include RedCaio’s, VioDance’s, Maynard Ferguson’s, and Captain Meatshield’s covers of the […]

  • 112: It’s Complicated

    [SNW208] The actors and writers of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds conspired to create a masterpiece: season two, epsiode eight, Under the Cloak of War, and it is their hard […]

  • 111: Four Times as Better

    [SNW207] Today’s podcast episode honors the vast talents of the actors portraying the characters of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and highlights the breathtaking talents of the writers and visual […]

  • 110: A Human Mechanic

    [SNW206] This podcast stands with the incredible artists who worked with excellence to craft Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, season two, episode six, “Lost in Translation”. We stand in awe […]

  • 109: Such Jerks

    [SNW205] This podcast covers the mind blowing art and redoubtable talents of a group of writers and actors whose work is unparalled in modern television. We craft this show not […]

  • 108: Spocktegas

    [SNW204] jaQ` & Earl are back again, this time reviewing Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season two episode four whilst Among the Lotus Eaters — but don’t worry, we didn’t […]

  • 107: Curzon Odo Was a Tuvix

    [SNW203] Strange New Worlds continues it’s second season, and jaQ` & Earl are here to walk with you through it. There are also poll results from last week and our […]

  • 106: *do not congratulate

    [SNW202] jaQ and Earl, back on the scene, cover Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season two, episode two, Ad Astra Per Aspera, reveal the poll results from The Broken Circle, […]

  • 105: Kahs-wan Qui’lari

    [SNW201] An enormous #LetsTalkAboutTreks welcome back to #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds for season two as jaQ` & Earl steal the Enterprise with some friends. Fun and away team missions abound! Come visit with […]

  • 104: Spore Drive Hopscotch

    [STD406] Earl runs the show this episode, spore driving us through Star Trek: Discovery season four episode six, “Stormy Weather”. Herein we delve into the varied and ranging emotional depth […]

  • 103: Yadda Yadda Yadda Whatever Let’s Go

    [STD405] The anticipation builds as jaQ` & Earl, blasting from the past, meander through Star Trek: Discovery season four episode five, The Examples. Join us for one last sporified jump […]

  • 102: She Is A Starfleet

    [STD404] Earl walks jaQ` through the multitude of plotlines running through Star Trek: Discovery season four episode four, All is Possible, and together they map out the many concurrent careers […]

  • 101: Schrödinger’s Vulcan

    [STD403] Join jaQ` and Earl in the 32nd Century for another adventure aboard the USS Discovery with Star Trek: Discovery season four, episode three, Choose to Live. It’s a sprawling […]

  • 100: The Mole

    [DSC402] This episode blasts to the future past with jaQ’ & Earl’s conversation on Star Trek: Discovery season four, episode two, Anomaly. The theme this episode seems to be grief […]

  • Michael Burnham

    99: Saru’s Powerpoint

    [DSC401] / [STD401] jaQ` & Earl revisit their original recording from closer to the time of release of the fourth season opener of Star Trek: Discovery, Kobayashi Maru. We’ve bookended […]

  • 98: Geordi, Jean-Luc & Jesus

    [subtitle] How God gave jaQ` his Dad back through Picard jaQ & Earl are back for a brief wrap-up of the final season of Star Trek: Picard. We touch on […]

  • 97: A Series of Perfect Moments

    [PS310] This episode, jaQ’ finally finds his way to “fixing a thing” and Earl Grey sweeps the stage with a whirlwind world record of fixes. Join us as we touch […]

  • 96: These Go To Eleven 🖖🏾

    [PS309 / PIC309] It is with great trepidation and substantial agony that jaQ` & Earl present to you, with a bittersweet tone, our review of the penultimate episode of the […]

  • 95: It Doesn’t Matter

    [PS308 / PIC308] With two more episodes to go before the end of Star Trek: Picard, jaQ & Earl are here to give you their all … just like Vadic: […]

  • 94: Symphony of Destruction

    [PS307 / PIC307] jaQ& Earl are back again with their take on Star Trek: Picard season three episode seven, Dominion. Interesting that we never actually see The Dominion or any […]

  • 93: Captain Picard Crunch

    [PS306 / PIC306] This week we’re breaking into Daystrom, and the whole band’s just about back together! Join jaQ` and Earl as they slalom through the extreme circumstances that brought […]

  • 92: Carl the Romulan

    [PS305] Who doesn’t love Star Trek: Picard season three??? It’s wonderous, it’s full of heart, action, has a great plot, and jaQ’ and Earl can barely stop raving about the […]

  • 91: Aggressive Sandwich

    [PS304] “No Win Scenario” was thoroughly enjoyed by jaQ’ & Earl and we hope you were enthralled by it also. Delve into the changeling adventure aboard the USS Titan and […]

  • 90: Self Sealing Salt Shaker

    [PS303 / PIC303] Dude, what? jaQ and Earl are shocked by the return of The Federation’s goopiest enemy, and enthralled by the Beverly/Jean-Luc scenes and rolling in the aisles over […]

  • 89: Sucks to Your Esmar

    [PIC302] / [PS302] Everyone’s favorite Worf has finally returned! Join jaQ` and Earl as they celebrate the return of the big guy, and welcome to the fam-fam of Jack Crusher. […]

  • 88: Bat’leth Ships

    [PIC301] It’s HERE!!! We can’t be more excited about this new season of Star Trek: The Previous Generation. We pore through a lot of this episode, and we reintroduce a […]

  • 87: The Gallifrey Conclusion

    [DSC313b] We spent a great deal of time last episode focusing on the meat of the Discovery season three finale’s story, so this episode we round out with a little […]

  • 86: 🎵 We Came From Outer Space …

    [DSC313] Part One of Two jaQ’ and Earl are finally rounding out this home stretch of Star Trek: Discovery season three. There’s much talk of holos, praise for the cgi […]

  • 85: The Frenetic One

    [DSC312] We cover some of the episode, and discuss many unrelated things. This episode was recorded while we were in quarantine, and you may be able to tell how stir […]

  • 84: Everybody’s Nightcrawler

    [DSC311] How does warp drive actually work? How do naming conventions work across the face of The Federation? Why all the cat voice work? Why is Risa covered in post-it […]

  • 83: The Opposite of a Hole

    [DSC310] This episode jaQ’ and Earl journey into the mirror with Star Trek: Discovery season three episode ten, Terra Firma, Part Two. We run through some thoughts about Trelane, the […]

  • 82: The Carl Dispatch

    [DSC309] This week LTAT goes back in time to early 2021, when a younger, more innocent and even more unpolished pair of podcasters called jaQ` Darino & Earl Grey, recorded […]

  • 81: The Gallifrey Interruption

    **Warning** If you listen with children present, please start this podcast about eight minutes in. It gets wild right up front. We apologize; listen with caution. [DSC308] This episode finds […]

  • 80: Supernovae

    [PRO120] jaQ` and Earl drop their walk through of the season finale of the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy! We pace our way through the episode, falling on discussions […]

  • 79: #NotAllAugments

    [PRO119] jaQ’ and Earl are back in the Prodigy era, and have just come upon the Supernova rounding out the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy. This episode walks us […]

  • 78: Ni’Variation

    [DSC307] Earl is still conducting his away mission, so we’ve gone back to the trunkful of past reviews we have yet to release, and take it back to Star Trek: […]

  • 77: Is That Three Phasers in Your Pocket?

    [PRO118] Earl’s off visiting a Federation scientist relative in the Neutral Zone, but don’t tell anyone and blow his cover. Izaak, BFF of the Pod, who also produces Unplaaanned Trek, […]

  • 76: Glittersmeech

    [PRO117] jaQ’ and Earl surprise themselves with so very much to say about Star Trek: Prodigy episode seventeen, Ghost in the Machine. There has always been a lot of fun […]

  • 75: The Don’t Help Unwanted Ad

    [PRO116] jaQ’ and Earl have theories flowing right out of the consoles this episode. There’s so much story and so many stories packed into Star Trek: Prodigy season one, episode […]

  • 74: Uncomfortable Hamster

    [PRO115] jaQ’ and Earl have been watching and gleaning, and invite you to listen in on our musings about what exactly is going on with Star Trek Prodigy as we […]

  • 73: Stripsleam Phaserlanche

    [PRO114] Star Trek: Prodigy season one, episode fourteen has brought us yet another appearance of Captain Thadiun Okona, portrayed a mere 34 years hence by the redoubtable Billy Campbell. This […]

  • 72: A Prophecy of Policy

    [PRO113] jaQ’ and Earl meander through Star Trek: Prodigy season one, episode thirteen, better known as All the World’s A Stage, and on their path they cross through not only […]

  • 71: Hide & Seek Assimilation

    [PRO112] We’re still not sure about what number episode this is, but we’re certain that Star Trek: Prodigy is picking up and becoming one of the most compelling and layered […]

  • 70: Pairing Off

    [PRO010] This episode, jaQ’ and Earl seek Asylum, covering the mid-season first season opener of Star Trek: Prodigy. There are discussions of Star Trek royalty, the deftness of Aaron Waltke, […]

  • 69: Unplaaanned Decks

    [LDS310] Ending a wondrous third season of Star Trek: Lower Decks, jaQ’ and Earl take a journey to fend off the insidious machinations of the starship Aledo and Admiral Buenamigo’s […]

  • 68: Temporal Cold War Shenanigans

    [LDS309] Earl and jaQ’ cover Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s penultimate episode for season three, Trusted Sources. This may be our longest episode yet (all apologies), weighing in at just over […]

  • 67: The Koala Smiles On Us All

    [LDS308] This week finds jaQ’ and Earl enjoying the movie Boimler has written — and the movie written by The Ether. We did our best to hit all the touchstones […]

  • 66: Rawdog

    [LDS307] jaQ’ and Earl would like to commend everyone involved in Star Trek: Lower Decks season three, episode seven, A Mathematically Perfect Redemption, for letting their freak flag fly. Join […]

  • 65: Mesks vs BDE

    [LDS306] **Boimler Dabo Energy [BDE]** This week JaQ’ & Earl introduce you to BDE during the majestic and heartfilling return to space station Deep Space Nine in Star Trek: Lower […]

  • 64: Otherford

    [LDS305] This week, we’re following Otherford around as he makes trouble on the USS Cerritos, and back up Bold Boimler and Starfleet against the civilian factions of non-believers in season […]

  • 63: Keep On Puppin’!

    [LDS304] JaQ and Earl are kind of on fire this episode. There are several explorations of concepts in Star Trek like PTSD and relationships between the emotionally overavailable and the […]

  • 62: Clingon Klowns from Outer Space

    [LDS303] This week finds JaQ n’ Earl Mining the Mind’s Mines for their discussion of Star Trek: Lower Decks season three, episode three. We get to meet our second Zaldan, […]

  • 61: A Klingon Challenge

    [LDS302] Lower Decks is back in a brand new way! Listen in as JaQ n’ Earl plat the celebrated Star Trek: TNG VHS Board Game! Just kidding; we’re reviewing Star […]

  • 60: Upside-Down Starbases

    [LSD301] This is Star Trek: Lower Decks and the opening of a new season. JaQ and Earl dive into the premiere episode of season three, Grounded, and make a few […]

  • 59: Uvulantennae and The Black Lion

    [DSC306] This episode finds JaQ and Earl in the 32nd Century, reviewing the sixth episode of Star Trek: Discovery season three episode six, Scavengers. A meandering path clumsily takes us […]

  • 58: Badmirals, Crack and Dandelions

    [DISCO 305] This episode, join JaQ and Earl for a spirited, peppy review of Star Trek: Discovery season three, episode five, Forget Me Not. We ramble through the idea that […]

  • 57: Howard the Dax

    [DSC304] Back to the 32nd century, JaQ and Earl continue their reviews of Star Trek: Discovery with their coverage of Forget Me Not, the fourth episode of season three. There’s […]

  • 56: Nichelle Nichols

    She brought us to the stars, and now put them in our eyes. Learn how without Nichelle Nichols, there would be no JaQ Darino, and by extension, no Earl Grey. […]

  • 55: To Everything …

    [SNWS1] Strange New Worlds has just completed a majestic first season, and we can’t wait to see what new life and new civilizations Pike & Co. seek out in season […]

  • 54: Pressure Point Pike

    [SNW010] This week we’re joyfully rounding out a beautiful first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds with our review of the season finale, The Quality of Mercy. It’s the […]

  • 53: The Most Pungent of the Cheese

    [SNW109] We present to your the most pungent of our cheese during JaQ and Earl’s review of the penultimate episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘s first season, All Those […]

  • 52: Star Treklexia

    [SNW108] Journey with JaQ and Earl to the Kingdom of Elysia, where Benny Russell tomes prophetic about today’s best visions of the future. This time out, we’re on Star Trek: […]

  • 51: Lying Emotional Deebags

    [SNW107] This week, Jaq and Earl rejoice at the reincorporation of the entirety of technically canon Star Trek as we cover Strange New Worlds season one, episode seven, The Serene […]

  • 50: Dreams Deferred

    [SNW106] This week Jaq n’ Earl cover Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season one episode six, Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach. It’s a tough episode, and here you get […]

  • 49: Not Like Humans Can

    [SNW105] This week JaQ & Earl give us their far paltrier version of the body swap, perhaps less effective than visually presented in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season one, […]

  • 48: Get Fond

    [SNW104] Celebrate this Memorial Day by watching the Memorial Day episode of #StrangeNewWorlds and listening to our follow up review, released just in time for Memorial Day, 2022! This week, […]

  • 47: Plasmanoids

    [SNW103] This week join us on a journey to Illyria, where quips fly freely among the crew of the starship Enterprise. It’s a quick one, but we have poll results […]

  • 46: Star Trek: Arbiters of Life

    [SNW 102] Results from last week’s polls! As ordained, JaQ n’ Earl present their review of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, season one, episode two, Children of the Comet. Also, […]

  • 45: James Bonding

    [PIC 102] Listen in as JaQ and Earl consult Maps and Legends the second episode of the first season of Star Trek: Picard. There is a lot to unpack here, […]

  • 44: Strange New Format

    [SNW 101] #StrangeNewWorlds is here! This week finds JaQ and Earl encountering the strange new world of the exciting new series Strange New Worlds by delving into the premiere episode, […]

  • 43: DASH Drive

    [DSC 303] This entry finds JaQ and Earl awash in age-old questions: why isn’t it called a DASH drive, who is the Little Bird of the Galaxy, and how did […]

  • 42: Zora, Zareh, O’sir, Osyyra and Saru

    [DSC 302] This week we drop the simulwatch project and return to our regularly scheduled rambling about all things Star Trek. This week finds JaQ and Earl Far From Home, […]

  • 41: Everything is Microbeads – The Simulwatch

    [DSC 301] This episode is a bit of an experiment for us. We’re doing what we call a “simulwatch,” wherin our buddy Earl will give you a countdown to press […]

  • 40: Kaijus for Kids

    It’s the mid-season finale of Star Trek: Prodigy (insert flourish) and JaQ and Earl are here for it! A Moral Star, part two provides a journey worthy of a good […]

  • 39: Plantation Life

    It is our pleasure to present to you our conversation on Star Trek: Picard season one, episode one, Remembrance. During this episode we dive a little bit into Theory of […]

  • 38: Twinnin’ ‘Em

    Earl and JaQ have reached the end of season two, and invite you to the discussion of Star Trek Discovery season two, episode fourteen, Such Sweet Sorrow, part two. Let […]

  • 37: Let Them Drink Coffee

    JaQ and Earl have reached the final arc of the first half of Star Trek: Prodigy! It’s season one, episode nine .. or eight? Listen in as JaQ and Earl […]

  • 36: Chakotay Was The Hologram

    This episode, we cover Star Trek Prodigy, season one, episode eight, Time Amok, making special note of the similarities between this and a shattering episode of Voyager. Let us know […]

  • 35: Acquiring the Rules

    Star Trek Prodigy, season one, episode seven, First Con-tact provides ample material for JaQ n’ Earl’s discussion of the lessons learned and boundaries crossed. We hope you enjoy the show! […]

  • 34: Wall-E?

    This episode, we’re discussing the upcoming brightest vision of a future already in utopia as heralded in Star Trek: Discovery season two episode 13, Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 1. Let […]

  • 33: The Big Fish Guy With The Eyes

    Yeah though we endeavour to be snarky with our intros, we shall simply state that JaQ n’ Earl have got a lot to say about Star Trek: Discovery season two […]

  • 32: Who Is Big Red?

    It’s a question that spans the ages, and JaQ and Earl are proud to have dug deep to pose this innocent query during their review of Star Trek Prodigy season […]

  • 31: She Ain’t No Maid

    JaQ and Earl spend a good chunk of time trying to figure out what the title means, but mostly we’re on about substance in this, our review of Star Trek […]

  • 30: Wrinkle Headed Worf Klingons

    JaQ and Earl have a thik tome of an episode for you this time. Covering Star Trek: Discovery season two episode ten, The Red Angel sees us bouncing across the […]

  • 29: Normal Linear Time

    Deep Space Nine fans won’t want to miss this one. Keep filling out your bingo card as JaQ and Earl review Star Trek: Discovery, season one, episode nine, Project Daedalus. […]

  • 28: Technokinesis

    Welcome Back and Happy Thanksgiving! Our offering for you this time is JaQ n’ Earl’s conversation on Star Trek: Prodigy season one, episode five, Terror Firma. They have fun with […]

  • 27: Memories Pro Quo

    Oh, that corner of our minds. Today, JaQ and Earl focus on Star Trek: Discovery, season two, episode eight, If Memory Serves. We’re all about dealing in memories, quarantining unaligned […]

  • 26: Hypostulations

    This episode sees JaQ and Earl dreaming about a planet that tries to eat the crew of the USS Protostar. It’s Star Trek: Prodigy, Season One, Episode Four: Dreamcatcher. Let […]

  • 25: Wibbly-Wobbly

    This episode, JaQ and Earl blast us back over to Star Trek Discovery and their review of season two, episode seven, Light and Shadows. Time travel, you say? We’re all […]

  • 24: Invisible Touch

    Star Trek: Prodigy continues to enthrall, and JaQ and Earl continue to pore over the details of story, ship and crew. This episode finds them Starstruck, episode three of the […]

  • 23: Naked and Digigrade

    JaQ and Earl have chosen to mash up seasons. We know; it’s confusing. This episode sees the guys watching Star Trek: Discovery Season Two Episode Six, The Sound of Thunder. […]

  • 19: Varuminous

    This episode, Jack and Earl give a light touch to Star Trek: Discovery Season Two Episode Four, but neglect to answer a couple of important questions. Three, actually. Join us […]

  • 18. Star Trek: Bricks

    Earl’s Dad has a story, and it lands like a well placed pun. Join Jack and Earl as they discuss Star Trek: Discovery Season One Episode Three: Point of Light. […]

  • 17b. Inertial Dampener Drive

    Star Trek: Discovery, Season Two, Episode Two had a little bit more to squeeze out of it, so Jack n’ Earl grabbed the mics again to tell you all about […]

  • 22: TrekWars: The Amalgam Universe

    JaQ and Earl are all about Star Trek: Prodigy, and it shows as they cover a plethora of aspects from this brand new offering from Kurtzman and Company. Watch along […]

  • 21: The Saucers Section

    This week, Jack and Earl develop a new pluralistic understanding of the design of the starship USS Discovery, NCC-1031, rag on Saru’s bird-nest chest and generally fawn over Star Trek: […]

  • 20: Building A Mystery

    Happy Halloween! We know it’s not the right day for a show, but we figured we’d do a quick review of our favorite scary episode of Star Trek. We may […]

  • 17a: The Vicious Humanity

    We’re late. We’re super late. Some technical difficulties delayed the production of this episode, so although this one’s coming out a week late, we’re already on the ball with new […]

  • 16: Infinite Holography

    [STD201] Jack and Earl have stumbled into the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. They may have broken down with the Enterprise and jumped back over to the Discovery, ready […]

  • 15: Hershel Wooten

    Here we bid a farewell to both a fond friend and a first season. JaQ and Earl cover the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery, Season One, and Jaq takes […]

  • 14: Transpeshual

    Jack and Earl have come to play! They’re playing Star Trek Discovery, Season One, Episode 14, The War Without, The War Within. Then, they’re having a bit of a chat […]

  • 13: Scream Theory

    In covering Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 1, Episode 13, JaQ and Earl get to the root of that strangely familiar Lorca scream, and teach us a little bit about this […]

  • 12: The Religiously Insensitive Version

    This episode finds us describing a metaphor of Star Trek as religion, and it gets very, well, meta. If you don’t enjoy tongue-in-cheek summations of religious texts, we suggest maybe […]

  • 11: Word Salad

    [STD111] In this week’s feature-length episode, JaQ n’ Earl span a huge swath of the galaxy in their discussion while creating portmanteaus, puzzling through minor Star Trek mysteries, and otherwise […]

  • 10: Sucked, or Blown?

    [STD110] Riker: You were right. Somebody blew the hatch. They were all sucked out into space.Data: Correction, sir, that’s blown out.Riker: Thank you, Data.Data: A common mistake, sir. Revisit treks […]

  • 9: Nanoscopic

    [STD109] This episode finds JaQ n’ Earl waxing philosophic about several topics related to the Star Trek: Discovery Season One Episode Into the Forest I Go. The 9th episode of […]

  • 8: Preemptive Headcanon

    [STD108] There were *what* happening, Jack? Figure it out yourself, as we tangentially review Star Trek Discovery: Season One, Episode 8: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. You can find us […]

  • 7: Earls to Make the Sanest Man Go Grey

    Listen as Jack and Earl discuss Star Trek Discovery, Season One, Episode 7: Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad. Listen as Jack and Earl discuss Star Trek Discovery, […]

  • 6: Devancement

    This episode finds Jack and Earl back aboard the hollowed-out husk of the Enterprise-D, crashed on the surface of Veridian III, making a history review for the masses of the […]

  • 5: Rise of the Interstitials

    Hey guys!  Thanks so much for listening.  We have an admission to make here: we lost half of the audio for this episode.  Instead of holding up production of the […]

  • 4: Latinum for Tribbles

    Hey guys!  Here’s an episode that’s not quite done yet; we have to go back and add the mailbag, but we enjoyed it immensely, so we thought you’d also enjoy […]

  • 3: Tuvok’s Durag

    Honestly, we’re not even sure what we’re talking about here.  Join Jaq’ and Earl as they ostensibly review Star Trek: Discovery, Season One, Episode Three: Context is for Kings. You […]

  • 2: My Neck Hurts and You Owe Me a Massage

    Into the thick of things, join Jaq’ and Earl as they bandy about their views, opinions, head canons and associated fandoms.  This episode treks through Star Trek Discovery: Season One, […]

  • 1: Can’t Set a Course Without a Star Trek

    Here we go, non-binaries, ladies and gentlemen: the first true episode of Let’s Talk About Treks!  Maybe start with this episode, because Star Trek is vastly more exciting than the […]

  • Episode Zero: Have Some JaQ Darino, Sip Some Earl Grey

    This is our first episode, and we’re hoping you like it!  This is the one where we get to talk all about ourselves, ostensibly to introduce ourselves to you. JaQ […]